Being a knowledge company, we have been continuously addressing the arena on the web, where we evaluate a gap between the demand and supply. Internet has facilitated the information flow through out the world and also has been able to eliminate the political and geographical boundaries. Internet has also habituated the reader to collect, collate and exchange information at jet speed.

With due respect to the internet community at large, the obvious question that comes up about the information, whether they are accurate or not. We must remember that modernization has given us enough scope to propagate information through various media, but again history has witnessed that media has been used to propagate rumor, knowingly, may be even unknowingly. We have also seen the effect of camouflaging news and views.

We must appreciate the influence of any information in our decision making part and the role of informative media in such cases. Even if we think of the preliminary concept of Data Warehousing or Data Marts, the objective had been the same, to provide information and to eliminate redundancy factor to doubly ensure the accuracy part.

Info Skill Hub has been launched to make information available on various facets of life at your finger tips. We cordially invite you to actively participate and help us to eliminate any misleading/ false information, so that they can be filtered(if required), it before the reader tries to reach at any conclusion based on such information, provided at this site.


Info Skill Hub – Your Information Highway has been launched to maintain a complete supply chain management, where info Skill Hub will remain the primary resources for your hunch of information and it must cater to the age group between six to sixty five

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