Build up a grand mobile game business with Appnext

Appnext is the right ad mobile network that aids in erecting a platform that sells the mobile games and apps from various developers.

If this is the chosen network for propagation of apps and games on mobiles by the creative developers then the products will surely earn immense revenue.

When the extensive network of this company puts its weight behind any mobile game and mobile app the associated developer benefits by generating revenue for them. CPM or cost per thousand impressions where 1000 impressions is represented by the roman numeral M is another prominent online advertising pricing method whereby the advertiser pays for each thousand ad views / impressions of their advertisement. CPA is cost per action where online advertising pricing method used pays the advertiser for each action including signup or game download that results out of their advertisement. This translates into $1 CPA or $1 per action. CTR is click through ratio is the percentage of ad views / impressions that result in a click. When 1000 impressions generate 10 clicks it is 1% CTR. Conversion ratio is the percentage of clicks that result in an action like player signup or game client download. If 100 clicks generate 75 actions it is considered 75% conversion ratio.

AdColony shows impressive video ads lasting between 15 and 30 seconds long mostly for apps. Though the concept is rather good the ads are annoying to users as they temporarily disrupt the ongoing work and cannot be evaded. All in all most of the present competition do not compensate developers enough for a long lasting impression. Developers are mostly not paid extra for generating clicks or installs.

With AdColony forces mobile users to be completely engaged by their ads. Even if the user prefers not to download the game being advertised they gain a view and understanding of the game. The risk factor is more for showing this sort of ad than with an interstitial ad.

Further there remains a probability of users simply shutting out the game or app at the first glimpse of the video. AdColony needs compensate more for each view and pay the mobile apps developer more than only their impression revenue of $8 when the ad generates a click or an install. Typically AdColony revenue hovers around $40 / week only. AdMob on the other hand has been renovated gaining from the best of Google’s ad platforms. It aids app developers to commence earning from their products swiftly through campaigns for acquiring new users who can gain insights into the products. Smart app promotion of the app returns cost per acquisition using the Conversion Optimizer tool. Vigorous ad filters improve ads making the product more relevant.

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