Why God Never Speaks

We all go to the temple, mosque, church, or gurudwara depending upon our faith and religion, we may not find a statue in mosque and gurudwara because it is not there in Islam and Sikhism but in the church and temple we pray as if God is before us. Large number of people visit religious places offering money, fruits, Prasad and what not, but one thing is there that God never speaks. In spite of ringing the church and temple bells, chanting mantras and lot of music, with instruments but God never speaks and keeps silent. Why is it so? Have you ever thought about it?

There is a story behind. There was a cleaner in temple who had been doing the cleaning job for decades and always observed that God never speaks. One day he stood in front of statue of God and prayed in very sincere manner with a wish to play the role of God for a day. He asked God, “I have been observing you since last two decades while cleaning your statue and surroundings that you keep complete silence, and do not get affected by prayers and mantras.” The cleaner pleaded God to give him opportunity for playing his role. He was surprised when God agreed to his request for playing his role for a day. The cleaner was very happy and said” God give me some piece of advice to act in a perfect manner.” God replied “while playing my role you should make sure that in spite of all provocations by the devotees and visitors, you keep silent and remain like a statue don’t show any gestures, it is not easy to keep silent but it is necessary because if I speak, the whole system will get disturbed.” Cleaner promised to obey the instructions of God.

Next day as usual the temple opened and cleaner stood in place of God like a statue. He was quite certain in his mind to obey instructions of the God for keeping silent so as to act like a statue.

In the morning one poor man came with tears in eyes and prayed for money “God I am unable to meet two ends, my family is starving so please, God give me some money.” With this prayer he stood before the statue of God with folded hands and closed eyes. After sometime a very rich man came and prayed to God for mental peace. He said “God I have lot of money and all riches of life, but I am unable to have peace of mind. The money is so much with me that I have no place to keep. I don’t know how to spend money. I have sleepless nights due to unwanted tensions. I am ready to spend money to attain peace but it is not coming.” The rich man also closed his eyes and with fold hands stood in front of God. Meanwhile another man came to the temple who happened to be a fisherman. His prayer was different from others since he wanted safety of his life for his journey in the sea as there was possibility of storms in the sea and his visit was necessary for fishing. He was quite apprehensive for his life so he prayed God for safe fishing. The fisher man repeatedly prayed for no storms on the day of his visit. Like others the fisherman also closed his eyes and stood before the God with folded hands. Thereafter the rich man went away, when the poor man was still there. He opened his eyes looking here and there and found that a purse containing lot of money was lying on the floor, probably it was the purse of rich man which had fallen down. Looking at the purse, the poor man thanked God for getting so much money. He said “God thank you so much for listening to my prayer and fullfiling my wish with this money.” He was very happy for getting the purse, and great joy he went away.

The rich man while on his way to home realized that his purse full of money was not there. He immediately rushed to the police station and complained about losing the money. The police personnel accompanied him to the temple in search of his purse and found that the fisher man was still there in the temple, the rich man shouted.” “This is the same person who was standing beside me here and I am sure that he must have taken the purse.” The police man arrested the fisherman and he was taken to the lock up. The rich man was not so bothered about his purse and relaxed once the fisher man was taken to the police station.

The above episode happened before the cleaner who was acting like God. He immediately came out of the temple and shouted “it’s all going wrong, I have seen that the fisherman is innocent, in fact poor man who was standing in the temple had taken the purse. I cannot tolerate this injustice.” The police personnel interrogated the fisherman and went searching for the poor man. Later they found the purse in his house. Now the fisherman was set free for fishing in the sea and the poor man was taken behind bars. The cleaner got satisfied for getting the justice done in the matter and with relaxed mind came back to the temple.

In the evening, God came to occupy his place. The cleaner narrated the story as to how he did justice by telling the truth. God said “you made promise to me that you won’t speak, then why did you speak? You were supposed to keep silent, you don’t know what grave injustice you have done?” The cleaner was at loss to hear this. He said “God I believe in truth and couldn’t tolerate the injustice, how can you think that I should have remained mum, seeing the plight of that fisherman who had gone to jail without his fault.” God replied “see your breaking silence took his life because there was a big storm in the sea which took his life. Had he been in jail his life could have been saved. Look at the poor man he is in jail and his family must be cursing you. If you could remain silent, the things would have been the other way round, the poor man would be happy, the fisherman’s life would have been saved and as far as the rich man is concerned the loss has not bothered him as he had no charm for it.” The cleaner was stunned, he had no answer, and he could realize that God was right because things would have taken right turn making life easy for all if he had not broken his promise to keep silent.

The above incident justifies as to why God is silent in the church and the temple because he has made the destiny. The things happen as per destiny. Whatever happens, in life is fixed but how we meet is in our hands. Whatever happens it has to happen that’s why we don’t find any visible interference of God in our activities. I hope that this story makes sense in giving the answer, “why God doesn’t speak.”

Prof. Dewakar Goel, General Manager (HR), Airports Authority of India is HR Consultant, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Montreal Canada and also Human Performance Technologist, International Air Transport Association (IATA), Geneva Switzerland. So far he has authored 11 books on various topics which includes the books on Management, Law, Poetry and Stories. His books are in Hindi & English which have been translated in Urdu, Tamil & Bangla.

Prof. Dewakar Goel has worked on managerial positions at all the metro cities of the country for around three decades dealing with human relations. He has written large number of articles which have been published in over 100 magazines, periodicals and journals. He is acting as Chairperson and speaker in many national and international conferences in India & abroad besides teaching management as visiting faculty to reputed business schools across the country.

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