Indian cricketers finally win one-day series against England

Indian cricketers wrap up the one-day series against England with a game to left to be played at Dharamshala. It was a promising victory for Dhoni and his men who for the time being have been able to silence the blazing guns against them with this elusive victory on home soil.

The graph shows a pathetic performance from the Indian cricketers over the last two years as Indians have only lost matches consistently both abroad and on the home soil.

The Indian cricketer lovers had been baying for their blood and raised voices had been heard to severe Dhoni from the heading the team. It is indeed true that Dhoni’s decisions over the past year has been ridiculous and single-minded having caused rifts within the team.

The victory was left enmeshed in the controversial decision of Raina being given not out due to Steven Finn’s accidental but repetitive breaking of the stumps during his delivery.

Finn had to pay through his nose with umpire Steve Davis’s call for a dead ball when Raina was held on 41 at slip but went on to score an unbeaten 89 to fasten a five-wicket win in the 48th over for India.

It was a much wanted win for the resurgent Indians who have taken the fight to the opposition camp without much ado. The English had made matters worse for themselves by returning from their Christmas break and still being in vacation mood. This English one-day side had seemed very relaxed throughout the series. Either they had taken the opposition too lightly or else they underestimated the Indian players to the extent of thinking that their holiday mood was sufficient for them to claim victory over their rivals.

The relaxed English side was just a shade of their earlier self who had so convincingly won the Test series on Indian soil and reduced the Indian cricket team to a heap.

The incident however left its mark on the game as the English captain himself disapproved of the umpire’s decision to penalize Finn.

Dhoni rubbed salt into the English wound by adding cheekily that it is imperative to know when to break the stumps otherwise it can cost a match.

Earlier the English played well with Alastair Cook and Kevin Pietersen scoring 76 each and Joe Root was on 57 not out being his maiden ODI half-century.  India made short work of their target with Raina and Rohit took up the cudgels to romp home victorious ensuring a win in the one-day series against England.

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