Cinema – the curse of today’s world

It may be the dreadful fighting sequences in Fighter or the tremendous burst of energy provided by Chak de India, cinema has got both its pros and cons like the flip of a coin. But it is indeed true that nowadays, the cinemas comprise of such violence or awkward scenes that it would be better not to be watched by the kids and the weak minded people.

Kids become more violent by watching fights in cinemas. The terrible ghost of Talaash seems to come alive in their minds. They are not able to sleep at night and are suddenly awakened by fostering the fear of the ghost that would seemingly enter their house to attack them.

Simply because it triggers off and satiates the subdued animal instincts in human, people continue to watch such movies. Such instances become more furious when it acts upon the tender minds in the most vulnerable period of the teenagers. Millions and billions are wasted in the name of producing such useless and harmful entertainment.

As cinemas nurture and cultivate the unfulfilled dreams of human desires, people irrespective of age, sex and status love to watch them.

The producers do not intend to comprehend the impact of their cinema on different segments of people throughout the society at a large. Avatar reveals exactly what the British had done to the Indians during their regime of cruelty and vindictiveness.

The news about the latest films also distracts young children from their studies. People may get motivated by cinemas like Taare Zamin Par and 3 Idiots, but these gems are produced very rarely. Vulgarity and violence is exhibited in most of the cinemas which are geared up to cast a tremendous negative impact on mankind. They are adequate to demolish the moral and social obligations.

Unfortunately, cinemas have become an addiction to a section of the community today. It is indeed true that young children are distracted by cartoon films or cricket followed by other sports, but the cinema enthusiast wants to watch television all day long. There is no dearth of movies today, which is due to blessings of the cable networks. They fail to show resilience to any limit while watching movies. Even if we compare, a cricket match goes on for a few hours only, which is surely less harmful.

Nowadays, the disgusting cinemas have demoralized young minds and the effects of these will and shall be felt after ten to fifteen years.

When these young minds will blossom they will not forget what they have watched in their childhood instead would only like to express them and slowly but steadily, the society will be destroyed.

Hence the slow erosion of any work culture, sense of morality and steady growth of violence will decompose the good values that are inculcated within the human mind. Alas! It will not be too harsh to say that the corrosive impact of cinemas on the minds causes irreparable damage.

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