Mahendra Singh Dhoni – our loving captain of the Indian cricket team

He leaves the spectators flabbergasted,
All shots in the cricket field he has mastered,
He can play the helicopter shot extremely well,
And can take the bowlers to hell,

He has still miles to tread,
To reach Ganguly’s milestones at the head,

His decisions are amazing,
Though they are entertaining,
For giving Jadeja the last over,
Pakistan bowled India over,
Or providing the last over to Ashwin,
Saw the Champions Trophy India win,

He is electrifying behind the stumps,
That forbids the batsman to go for bumps,

He never panics in England,
And keeps a lot of time in hand,
He is captain the cool,
And never lands in a pool,
Or coming in at No.5,
Hitting a High Five,
To power India to win the final World Cup match,
Mahendra Singh Dhoni was declared Man of the match.

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