Peep into the African Jungle in Chander Pahar

The Bengali movie Chander Pahar is based on the daring novel by Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay that projects Dev Adhikari, the actor playing Shankar, one of its main protagonists on a hazardous voyage. The winter release of this film brings back into contention the lions, tigers, a whole lot of wild animals some of which were once part of the circus in addition to the perilous snakes and mythical monster which are an integral part of the story. Directed by Kamaleshwar Mukherjee the film is a perfect getaway for every Bengali family who have grown up reading this pictorial novel. With a running time of almost two and a half hours the audience is held spell bound as the African setting both amazes and brings them on the edge of their seats many a times.

Shankar leaves his remote Bengali village to take up a job as that of a stationmaster with the Uganda railway. The series of encounters where Shankar is chased by the African jumbos and ferocious lions are totally enthralling. The Masai figure in the film and so does the mamba which is the most venomous snake found in Africa. Dev is ideally suited for his role in the Mountain of the Moon where he finds a Portuguese man Diego Alvarez played by Gerard Rudolf to look for the diamond mines that a guarded by a mythical monster even feared by the natives of Africa.

The kids will love it for Dev and the animals. Chander Pahar is a movie that will make Bengali audiences proud as it has dared to take the industry into a new period. That a 15 crores film like Chander Pahar be at all produced in Tollywood is in itself unthinkable. Chander Pahar has been packaged and sold as a product and more over against the views that it will be practically impossible to gain back its costs. Through Chander Pahar, Shree Venkatesh Films has something different to offer passionately which stands out for its finesse. The uninhabited station and its nature affectionate station master Shankar projected with the various shades of the African sky, the roaring African lions whom Shankar comes across, a black mamba slipping into Shankar’s room and Shankar’s successful attempt to jump over a deep abyss to rescue Alvarez from a pack of hyenas and cheetahs are some of the poignant yet unforgettable moments that linger in the mind.

Chander Pahar is a must watch and it depicts that gradual transformation of an adventurous dreamer in to a survivor. Shankar is the last to come out of this thrilling tale alive as even he at last cannot save Alvarez from the perils of the Mountain of the Moon. The visual treat is unforgettable. However a few closely knit moments created between the humans in the film could have raised it by many notches.

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