Cleansing your gold, silver and pearl jewelry is just another chore

Do you always opt to take your jewelry to a professional for cleansing it? Well, there at options available right at home to do the same if the jewelry is of gold and does not bear any gemstones on it. Stubborn grease or oil can be removed from gold jewelry which is not studded with gemstones by dipping into alcohol. Apply these simple means to get the job done effectively and easily.

It is however very important to understand that all the jewelry cannot be cleaned by products available for daily home usage.

If gold jewelry is intricately carved or is very delicate it is best to take it for the special care of professionals who can handle them rightly. Gold jewelry worn must always be stored back in separate cotton bags after wiping them off with a soft matte cloth.

Plain toothpaste devoid of tartar control, gel or any whitening agents is an ideal choice for cleaning silver jewelry.

Use a soft cloth to apply adequate amount of the toothpaste to rub the silver jewelry gently so as not to scratch it. Add toothpaste as and when the cloth turns dark. Resume cleaning till the silver is free of dirt and grime. Rinse off the jewelry in warm water and dry and wipe it with a soft cloth. Let the silver jewelry to dry out before storage. It is of no use to waste money in buying expensive cleaners or visiting jewelry shops only for this purpose. However a small portion must be tested before hand to ensure that silver bears no scratch marks when being rubbed with toothpaste.

Pearls the beauty found in ocean beds concealed in oysters are another common form of jewelry that adorns us. Special treatment and care is needed to look after pearls and care for them properly. Pearls are very long-lasting but soft in nature requiring habitual cleaning on the part of the owner. Use only a very soft cloth like a matte cloth for they can be scratched very easily.

The pearls must be wiped to cleanse them with the soft cloth. Once in 4 to 5 times use a little mild and warm soap solution to clean them before storage.

Absolutely nothing else will work for them. Do not use anything else on the pearls or else they will be damaged. The clasp can be cleansed using a bit of plain toothpaste applied on a dampened ear bud. Never let the toothpaste touch the sensitive pearls.

Pearl necklaces must be strung if the string gets stretched or loosens. Skin oil, perfume, hairspray and makeup cause corrosion in pearls. They are best stored in satin or velvet but never plastic. Always remove your pearls preceding work outs or gym visits and specifically swimming. It is very important to remember that it is easier to buy a piece of jewelry but very difficult to maintain it so that they retain they glamor and shine through proper storage and cleansing.

Any piece of jewelry is an asset that requires proper handling and care to last a lifetime.

Small ways to keep them sparkling are always a much needed information to keep hassles away.

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