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Imperialism raises its ugly head in Bangladesh

The Rana Plaza factory building disaster in Savar, Bangladesh, six months ago had snuffed out 1,129 lives of workers for leading clothing brands who are yet to be compensated. It brings forth a cruel and unforgivable picture of the garment factory employers in this age when the world has seemingly abolished imperialism and racism of its face. We have been living in a world where relatives of the dead, injured and missing garment factory workers have formed a group to lay claim from the 15 brands whose clothes were produced at the site. However these brands have yet to reach an agreement let alone pay any long-term compensation to the injured workers or the next of kin of the dead and missing. The inadequate Government aids and initiatives have certainly raised eyebrows as they are committed towards social benevolence and are expected to safeguard the victims of any such calamities. The brands include Spanish fashion company Inditex, UK work wear producer Premier and US supermarket Walmart, all of whom sold clothing made at Rana Plaza. Each of them has been called upon to help the victims’ families and survivors of the factory disaster to undertake a long-term compensation commitment which will ensure and implement the payment of full and fair compensation. This clarion call has come from different workers’ rights group and other clothing retailers at the international level and aimed at all brands who were sourcing either directly or indirectly from factories housed in Rana Plaza. As accidents are always probable they have also been directed to agree to finalize a deal as to the terms and conditions that will apply in case of occurrence of accidents to avoid making any tragic situation worse with the poor workers having to face uncertainty from either survival or high medical bills leading to penury. In the aftermath of the immense pressure the leading brands like Benetton, the Italian fashion brand and nine other companies, including Primark, Matalan and Bonmarché from the UK and Loblaw from Canada got together in recent weeks to discuss long-term compensation arrangements for Rana Plaza victims. There is however no reason for delight as workers are likely to have to wait until the new year to receive payment as negotiations are still on about the scale of payments on which are workers are to be paid. Primark is the only one to have paid out short-term financial aid to Rana Plaza workers in the last six months but it has no permanent plans for continuing to grant any financial assistance at this point. Inditex, the owner of the Zara chain, is a Spanish retailer who had provided support in the immediate aftermath of the factory collapse. This week they have put up cash benefits for the Rana Plaza victims. However US giant Walmart had completely washed its hands off claiming that its products were not made in the building in Savar at Rana Plaza at the time of the accident. Due to this dreadful and catastrophic accident in April 2013 brands as well the Government has started looking at building safety measures. Some have improved but there is a long way to safety for Bangladeshi garment factory workers can heave a sigh of relief from poor conditions of work, improper methods of maintaining records and proper payment channels like bank accounts which are undeniable proof of their existence. Let us hope that other clothes retailer follow in the footsteps of Primark which has offered to compensate injured workers and relatives of those who died in the Rana Plaza factory disaster in Bangladesh in the long...
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Build up a grand mobile game business with Appnext

Appnext is the right ad mobile network that aids in erecting a platform that sells the mobile games and apps from various developers. If this is the chosen network for propagation of apps and games on mobiles by the creative developers then the products will surely earn immense revenue. When the extensive network of this company puts its weight behind any mobile game and mobile app the associated developer benefits by generating revenue for them. CPM or cost per thousand impressions where 1000 impressions is represented by the roman numeral M is another prominent online advertising pricing method whereby the advertiser pays for each thousand ad views / impressions of their advertisement. CPA is cost per action where online advertising pricing method used pays the advertiser for each action including signup or game download that results out of their advertisement. This translates into $1 CPA or $1 per action. CTR is click through ratio is the percentage of ad views / impressions that result in a click. When 1000 impressions generate 10 clicks it is 1% CTR. Conversion ratio is the percentage of clicks that result in an action like player signup or game client download. If 100 clicks generate 75 actions it is considered 75% conversion ratio. AdColony shows impressive video ads lasting between 15 and 30 seconds long mostly for apps. Though the concept is rather good the ads are annoying to users as they temporarily disrupt the ongoing work and cannot be evaded. All in all most of the present competition do not compensate developers enough for a long lasting impression. Developers are mostly not paid extra for generating clicks or installs. With AdColony forces mobile users to be completely engaged by their ads. Even if the user prefers not to download the game being advertised they gain a view and understanding of the game. The risk factor is more for showing this sort of ad than with an interstitial ad. Further there remains a probability of users simply shutting out the game or app at the first glimpse of the video. AdColony needs compensate more for each view and pay the mobile apps developer more than only their impression revenue of $8 when the ad generates a click or an install. Typically AdColony revenue hovers around $40 / week only. AdMob on the other hand has been renovated gaining from the best of Google’s ad platforms. It aids app developers to commence earning from their products swiftly through campaigns for acquiring new users who can gain insights into the products. Smart app promotion of the app returns cost per acquisition using the Conversion Optimizer tool. Vigorous ad filters improve ads making the product more relevant. Android Mobile Tools read more for a dependable seller that will give you the visa for australia you’re looking for quickly and easily. In case you’re interested in knowing more info on oil rigs and glass pipes for sale, stop by Trying to find the love calculator acalculator ? Check out this page:...
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Flawless pipe fittings and flanges from Balaji

The outstanding quality of all buttweld pipe fittings produced and supplied by Balaji Industrial Corporation that keeps it firmly ahead of competition. A closet flange is the drain pipe flange to which a water closet or simply toilet is attached. It is a particular type of flange tie designed to sit flush with the floor allocated to a usual toilet to be mounted on top of it. Clean-outs are fittings with detachable elements that permit admission to drains without need for removal of plumbing fixtures. They are used for allowing an auger to clean out a plugged drain. Clean-outs are positioned in reachable spots with intermissions right through a drainage system usually outside the building due to their restricted length. The minimum requirement is characteristically at the ending of each branch in piping where they are fastened to the water closet at the bottom of each upright stack both inside and outside the building. Clean-outs generally have screw-on caps or screw-in plugs. Clean-outs have eye-shaped cover plates. Balaji Industrial Corporation has become a renowned pipe fittings and flanges company due to its flawless products and discerning client base. A fitting which has three openings is called a wye. It is used to create branch lines within any network. It is a type of tee which has the side inlet pipe entering at a 45° angle or an angle other than 90 degrees. A standard Y shaped fitting allows one pipe to be joined to another at a 45 degree angle. Y is similar to tees except that the branch line is angled to reduce friction and turbulence that could hamper the flow of fluids through the piping network. Quality of buttweld pipe fittings from Balaji Industrial Corporation has enabled them to retain their valued clients. A Y is typically at a 45-degree angle rather than a 90-degree angle. If a branch turns at the end to be perpendicular to the through line the fitting becomes a TY. PVDF corrosive waste piping systems utilize Y fittings that feature a smooth inner diameter providing uninterrupted flow path. These fittings are able to withstand acids, bases, and solvents. Flame-retardant systems endure flow of corrosive fluids at high temperatures through the pipelines. Polypropylene and PVDF double Ys and double reducing Ys available in various sizes are largely used for this reason. Balaji Industrial Corporation is a renowned pipe fittings and flanges company producing rust proof carbon steel material grade...
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The 90 degree elbow an indispensable tool

The elbows by Balaji Industrial Corporation are quality buttweld pipe fittings in carbon steel. There are diverse quality norms in accordance to which these products are made-up in varying degrees like 90 and 45. The obtainable standards like ASME B 16.9 for large bore, ASME B 16.11 for small bore for the socket welded ones. ASME B 16.25 for butt weld ends and ASME B 16.28 for small radius elbows are the produce for this prominent pipe fittings company. These elbows are finished in different materials for surroundings piping networks for industrial and domestic practice. Balaji Industrial Corporation assembles these in carbon steel grade material. Nevertheless they are also offered in rubber, plastic, iron, steel, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron and even in ductile iron. The perceptive clients of this chief buttweld pipe fittings producer take into consideration all the benefits like rust-free, excellent finish and faultless made previous to acquiring them. Quality echoes through each feature of their products like material, size, standard type and threaded type. Each of the pipe elbows makes certain maximum dependability in act under high pressure, high impulse, high vacuum, high vibration and high temperature. The elbow design endows an alteration in material-flow course. It is owing to this that a supplementary pressure acts upon the entire system of pipes. The loss to the operational system due to contact, resistance and re-acceleration is defended against by merchandise that are of the premier class. As goods enter the bay of the elbow they flow persistently moving instantly further on to the first contact zone. Then elbows deflect fluids at the most wanted angle in the direction of the outlet of the elbow. The deflection angle is set by the elbow design of the product that has been typically used for the furthering fluid movement. Each creation is to hold precise weight. They are usually accessible in many designs. The flowing fluid strikes one or more of the lesser impact zones before leaving the elbow. The brunt caused is sufficient to blast ruthlessly degradable of breakable or breakage-sensitive products which are never manufactured by Balaji Industrial Corporation a buttweld pipe fittings company. This kind of breakage can cause hefty losses for the judicious clients which this foremost group on no account desires to cause due to faulty products. Each matter including quality or heat-sensitivity of the merchandise is made only after thorough research and development. These are adhered to strictly while elbows and all other goods are being produced by this...
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Skilled workforce guided by able management is the main forte

Balaji Industrial Corporation is a renowned pipe fittings and flanges company that has wide ranging industrial applications. The pipe fittings are corrosion resistant and hence find usage in oil, gas, mills, cement and other major industries which require pipes especially for transfer of fluids under pressure. These pipe fittings are manufactured using quality carbon steel which is the finishing material. They are leak proof having no blemishes while possess high strength and are anti corrosive. These buttweld pipe fittings and flanges are durable, have thermal and chemical resistant while being dimensional precise bearing excellent finish. The products range from elbows, tees, concentric and eccentric reducers, pipe caps and bends. The buttweld pipe fittings are manufactured by a most experienced team of experts under the guidance of an efficient management who make certain that these products are in compliance to the industry standard. The team of experts guarantees that the varied requirements of the clients are matched word by word. These carbon steel pipe fittings and pipe flanges are available in different dimensions, shapes, sizes, material specifications. Balaji Industrial Corporation is among the principal manufacturers of a varied assortment of excellent quality flanges in carbon steel. The flanges offered by them find their function in diverse industrial processes. The meticulous quality tested range of flanges in carbon steel grade material finish is valued by the clients. Flanges exist in various specifications and sizes in order to realize the exact needs of the respected customers. This pipe fittings company armed with an ISO 9001 – 2008 certificate has set a blazing trail for achievement that has turned them into leaders among the chief manufacturers of carbon steel buttweld pipe fittings and flanges. The products manufactured by this pipe fittings and flanges company have acquired an utmost fulfillment as per the stringent international standard terms and approvals. The grades available for the carbon steel buttweld pipe fittings and flanges are ASTM / ASME in types of slip-ons, socket weld, weld neck, screwed, ring Joint, threaded and others. Their specifications are made to order or in compliance with the generalized size, class, schedule and finish. The dimensional standards are at par with ANSI. This pipe fittings and flanges company is the well known facilitator and supplier of premium quality carbon steel fittings which are truly faultless. They offer these carbon steel fittings along with the lines of the international stipulations and sizes in agreement to the client’s needs. These products are fabricated by experts in this realm who repeatedly verify the products on various process parameters to guarantee better quality and robust life. These products find an extensive usage in various industries where their eminence is truly...
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