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Why God Never Speaks

We all go to the temple, mosque, church, or gurudwara depending upon our faith and religion, we may not find a statue in mosque and gurudwara because it is not there in Islam and Sikhism but in the church and temple we pray as if God is before us. Large number of people visit religious places offering money, fruits, Prasad and what not, but one thing is there that God never speaks. In spite of ringing the church and temple bells, chanting mantras and lot of music, with instruments but God never speaks and keeps silent. Why is it so? Have you ever thought about it? There is a story behind. There was a cleaner in temple who had been doing the cleaning job for decades and always observed that God never speaks. One day he stood in front of statue of God and prayed in very sincere manner with a wish to play the role of God for a day. He asked God, “I have been observing you since last two decades while cleaning your statue and surroundings that you keep complete silence, and do not get affected by prayers and mantras.” The cleaner pleaded God to give him opportunity for playing his role. He was surprised when God agreed to his request for playing his role for a day. The cleaner was very happy and said” God give me some piece of advice to act in a perfect manner.” God replied “while playing my role you should make sure that in spite of all provocations by the devotees and visitors, you keep silent and remain like a statue don’t show any gestures, it is not easy to keep silent but it is necessary because if I speak, the whole system will get disturbed.” Cleaner promised to obey the instructions of God. Next day as usual the temple opened and cleaner stood in place of God like a statue. He was quite certain in his mind to obey instructions of the God for keeping silent so as to act like a statue. In the morning one poor man came with tears in eyes and prayed for money “God I am unable to meet two ends, my family is starving so please, God give me some money.” With this prayer he stood before the statue of God with folded hands and closed eyes. After sometime a very rich man came and prayed to God for mental peace. He said “God I have lot of money and all riches of life, but I am unable to have peace of mind. The money is so much with me that I have no place to keep. I don’t know how to spend money. I have sleepless nights due to unwanted tensions. I am ready to spend money to attain peace but it is not coming.” The rich man also closed his eyes and with fold hands stood in front of God. Meanwhile another man came to the temple who happened to be a fisherman. His prayer was different from others since he wanted safety of his life for his journey in the sea as there was possibility of storms in the sea and his visit was necessary for fishing. He was quite apprehensive for his life so he prayed God for safe fishing. The fisher man repeatedly prayed for no storms on the day of his visit. Like others the fisherman also closed his eyes and stood before the God with folded hands. Thereafter the rich man went away, when the poor man was still there. He opened his eyes looking here and there and found that a purse containing lot of...
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Abode of memories with the guiding star

The falling rain did not stop us The sweltering afternoons did not budge us The shivering cold did not restrict us The blossoming gardens did not engross us ONLY as U stood by to guide us through. We overcame the hurt of leaving ailing dear ones at home We overshadowed our own body aches We ran ahead of every deadline We made short work of targets set ONLY as U inspired us to pull through Yet we felt to do it all Yet we were sad sometimes Yet we heard rude remarks Yet we failed to win in time ONLY we had U always to fall back upon We had met to create memories But now we are to part But this we can not bear And hope to preserve the...
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Balaji Industrial Corporation an ace in its arena

Balaji Industrial Corporation manufactures pipe fittings and flanges in carbon steel grade material. However they are also available in rubber, plastic, iron, steel, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron and even in ductile iron. The discerning clients of this leading buttweld pipe fittings maker take into account all the plus points like rust-free, excellent finish and flawless make before ordering them. Quality reflects through each aspect of their products like material, size, standard type and threaded type enabling to make them a prominent pipe fittings  company. Each of the pipe elbows ensures maximum reliability in performance in high pressure, high impulse, high vacuum, high vibration and high temperature. Buttweld stub ends are offered to clients in an extensive range. Buttweld stub ends are made from high quality raw materials. These reliable stub ends are best known for their tested and verified durability, accuracy and precision. Moreover, because of its qualitative features the range of products is extensively used in many applications across various industries. Available in different material and dimensional specifications these stub ends can also be custom made as per the client’s requirements. In plumbing and piping, a nipple is a fitting, consisting of a short piece of pipe, usually provided with a male pipe thread at each end, for connecting two other fittings.   As incessant research and development at Balaji Industrial Corporation bring about improvement in their quality processes it surges their position in the world of pipe fittings industry. They look into all sorts of comments and suggestion regarding their products that are lodged by their valued clients and viewers onto the website after viewing the e-catalogue or procuring their products. These invaluable inputs pave paths to enhance the quality of products, processes and procedures that surely enable this buttweld pipe fittings and flanges company to serve their discerning clients better in all future endeavors. E-mails are also invited regarding each type of products that has been acquired by the clients in order to make them even better. Each product from this leading pipe fittings manufacturer are leak-proof, rust-proof and possess superb finish in grade material carbon steel. The different products include 45° long radius elbow, 90° long radius elbow, 180° return bend long radius, 90° short radius elbow, 180° return bend short radius, tees, pipe cap, concentric reducers, eccentric reducers, reducing outlet tees and lap joint stub ends in standard as well as customized designs and...
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Global Warming

Melting icebergs, breaking ice caps all around the poles, Melting glaciers might drown the Earth, Adding to our woes, Swelling rivers will engulf all, Rising seas will drown, Our poor Earth might not be spared from this after all. Oh it is heating up, The Earth is heating up, And it’s called global warming. Cool it down by adding trees, This might just save it all in time. Who wants an Earth with no food, space, oil or water to live? Who wants an Earth that has no good air to breathe? Who wants an Earth that has no ozone to protect? Who wants and Earth that drowns all in water from the hills? Oh cool it down Oh cool down the Earth with nothing else but...
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Mobile Apps on the hilt

Mobile Phones are no more considered as phones only. Rather, mobile phones with the blessings of technology marvels have become the prime communication tools. Its diverse credentials have made the tiny mobile phone an indispensable tool in today’s world. Besides its traditional features of telephony, one can enjoy almost unlimited songs even while on the move. Video Games or Internet Videos allure even professionals during a train or bus journey. Mobile Phone is such a powerful device that targets the professionals to whom productivity remains the prime goal with a slight mix of entertainment.   The larger screen enables one with the power of ease of typing. The stiff competition has forced the mobile manufacturers to look at its presentation and features. The tiny and light mobile phones have got huge potentials and the technology driven vendors have been constantly exploring the options rigorously. We can recall that the mobile phone used to come up in a hard shell and they were of much higher weight also. Today, slim phones have become unique selling points of the mobile companies. The Tab or i-phone or BlackBerry may look slightly larger but they hold a lot of additional features. Just imagine, we live in an age, when we can send an email or browse the inbox while traveling inside a public vehicle. The Mobile service providers have been also geared up to face the challenges of the upcoming demands of human beings. Internet services have become really cheap today and most of the city dwellers can easily afford. The fast speed of the Internet has fueled the human desires that always haunt for a better and sophisticated livelihood. Plethora of mobile applications provided by various suppliers at a bare minimum cost has brought about revolutionary changes in mankind.  What is waiting for us in the near...
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