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Caring for bonsai in summer

Bonsai is the imitation of natural tree forms by dwarfing them. Bonsai are grown in pots and are totally reliant for their care. With proper care, your bonsai will remain fit and striking for many years to come. Bonsai that bears flowers and fruits require more light and should be placed outside. The watering of your bonsai must never be ignored. Apply water when the soil appears dry. If your bonsai is receiving the full sun it may be necessary to water it twice in summer. Watering should be done so that it does not dispense the soil. Water should be applied until it begins running out of the holes in the bottom of your pot. The long, hot, and dry summer challenges the bonsai enthusiasts. Grow native or naturalized plant is better while trying out new. It is important to keep in mind the distinct features of any particular tree with reference to size, variety, age and health. Maintain the health of plants by regular watering, removal of weeds, adding fertilizers and spraying pesticides. Swivel plants around on a periodic basis so that each part is evenly exposed to the sun and fresh air evenly. It gives a complete view of the plant from all corners. Keep new growth in control through pinching to give it your desired shape. Learning to customize to your plants’ needs is wherein the key to a successful bonsai enthusiast lies. Provide shade cloth overhead in the afternoon by placing your bonsai under shaded trees. Set pots on low stands and thoroughly rinse them at intervals to keep them glowing. Change pots preferably in the springtime. The extra room will be much appreciated. Or, sink your potted trees in a layer of mulch or sawdust. A routine check is needed to ensure whether or not the roots have out grown the pot. Set pots near a swimming pool or pond, or above but not in pans of water. Keep bonsai plants a little way away from south or west facing walls. Grouping plants together while allowing them room for sufficient air. Pruning vigorous top growth is to result in spreading out the branches horizontally. A bonsai with sagging leaves is advised rest in shade with a little more water. Through summer a high phosphate fertilizer is recommended allowing your potted plant to build up reserves. Deciduous trees require repotting every two or three years while for evergreens a four or five year cycle is enough. Moss or other ground covers are effectively used to cover the surface of the pot to help prevent soil erosion. Ideally re-potting is carried out just as the new leaf buds are starting to open. During this time the bonsai has sufficient internal reserves to keep going. Working in the shade is always better with spraying water on roots when exposed before repotting. Use the wires carefully to deal with the shaping styles of each bonsai potted...
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How education contours life

In the exceedingly aggressive world that surrounds us in this millennium education is the lifeline for survival and success utilizing our resources and prospects. An educated person can only recognize goals to be achieved and lay out plans to effectively attain them. Only through education information can be gathered and skill honed to reach set targets. Only highly educated and qualified individuals have far-fetched income. The focus on formal education directly involves the idea to attain higher income levels after completion of studies. Poorly educated individuals need to bear the impact of their deficiency that is reflected beyond doubt in the income. On the other hand a degree holder earns a great deal higher to effectively fend for his needs. Education has a great impact upon our lives and readily enhances the standard of life in society. It enlightens the mind and gradually frees society of many ills that have deep rooted existence. Many social changes have been brought about by education that transmits the right attitude in close and complex relationships. Education of women and the girl child directly contributes to prevent them from being ill treated while lowering the prevailing ill practices against them. It is only education that contributes to the comprehension of the essence of empowerment of women in the Indian society. Marriage at an appropriate age, reduction in family size and teaching their children are among a few of the immense possibilities of education in a woman’s life. When mothers become teachers to their children the later become better equipped to delve into its bowels to seek their cherished careers. Education etches the fundamental concepts of life on each individual resulting in configuration of that person. It actually erects a total personality gradually shaping the mind. It is only a thorough education that has more impact on human mind that belies the impact of heredity. The spiritual nature of an individual bears its blossoming to the comprehension of abstract concepts. These very subjects link an active and agile mind to realize the meaning of life and fulfill its journey through hard toil. Education inculcates faculties in man to garner means that tend towards making them content. Man being a social being his family is of prime importance and it goes without saying that he grants the maximum importance to the happiness of his family. Without an educated background it is virtually impossible for an individual to earn for themselves and provide for their family. Education instills the ability in man to make the correct decisions that are candid and beneficial for them and their family as a whole. Education in its broadest term develops the finer sensibilities that are formed out of self analysis and self realization. Education has a lasting impression on all individuals as it forces all men to dwell on being introspective that has a positive bearing on their mind and character. The cumulative outcome of education is that it is the transition of knowledge, skill and value widespread in society to be imbibed into the form of an...
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Bonsai the art of emulating nature

Bonsai is a pleasant recreation as it deals with a lively and changing object that takes shape and style in accordance to your desire and technique. It is different from other art forms as a bonsai tree has life and endows a delight to its creator for being able to develop something that usually flourishes in nature on a much bigger scale. It takes long to be able to do bits with this tree and grant it a feel that is alluring to the beholders other than you too. Selecting the right bonsai tree and get started with letting it grow outdoors. Outdoor bonsai cannot be kept indoors at a stretch and never in a corner devoid of light as the temperature difference can permanently cause your plant to wither. Indoor bonsai can be tried with typical indoor plants only but an ideal spot the gets indirect rays of the sun is a must for it to flourish. Opt for outdoor bonsai initially as indoor is for the experienced bonsai cultivators. When growing bonsai outdoors having rather cold winters a stoneware pot is a much more favorable choice being more crack resistant due to temperatures variations. Training for greenhorns usually can commence in plastic pots and later on when their subjects are matured enough they can be shifted into ceramic pots during favorable weather conditions. When bonsai trees are placed in wider pots which are shallow they usually nurture growth of thicker trunks that can be seen for older bonsai on display at flower shows. A bonsai tree requires to be properly snipped so as to develop appropriate length of their branches and roots with shears. Roots need to be carefully studied and selective removal is best for the health of your bonsai tree. Bonsai are compelled to breed in a limited and restraining environment so as to acquire its compactness. The soil needs to be nutrient enriched, free draining yet remain moist. Root cutting is done before spring in most cases as it is in this season that plants grow new feeder roots. The first step is to cover the drainage holes of the bonsai pot preventing the soil from washing out. Wires are hooked through these drain holes that holds down the roots to keep the newly potted tree stable. Plant the bonsai tree on a small mound of soil in the center of the pot. The thinner roots must be spared the cut and the main root must be wired so as to entrench in firmly in its new habitat. Cut away the roots in such a way that there is space between them and they spread out as far as possible in the newer shallow surroundings. Keep away from direct sunlight to gently allow the roots to heal. If the plant absorbs water then it is safely home otherwise it just withers away. This is a most critical process of bonsai culture and must be done with...
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Team India’s sway initiated again at Mohali

A recharged Indian cricket team clinches the one-day series against England as the hosts after a long dictated their terms while batting with Raina and Sharma carving out a niche for them. The five-wicket victory in the penultimate game at Mohali was something to relish for the Indian camp who have been staring at defeat in consecutive series for quite some time now. The Indians had earlier limited the visitors to 257 for seven and then overhauled the target with 15 balls to spare at the floodlit contest in the cold environment at the PCA stadium at Mohali. It was quite upsetting to watch the Indians concede 100 runs in the last ten overs after losing their grip on the match while English batsmen raced ahead. Joe Root and Pietersen showed some vigorous hits in the slog overs to put up a respectable target for the Indians to chase. For a change the Indians did not fall in a heap and kept their nerve during the run chase. It was a laudable series victory for Dhoni and his men who had been severely criticized for their dismal show in recent times including losing a Test series against England and an ODI series loss to Pakistan at home. After a continuous lean phase for a change Rohit Sharma grabbed the opportunity given to him as an opener in the squad. Jadeja hit the winning runs off Jade Dernbach to prompt celebrations in the galleries and the Indian dressing room. The two teams played the last match of the series at Dharamshala which England won. Much of Cook’s post-match press conference dealt with the dead ball issue. It showed how bitterly Cook and his team were disappointed as there was an animated discussion about this issue which simply could have been put behind by them as trifle. Cook admitted that India won a good toss and the dew helped their batting. Dharamshala wore an abandoned look as the outcome of the match had become redundant to the on-going ODI series that India had already won by claiming a win against England at Mohali. Amid the picturesque surroundings of the snow-capped peaks, pines and deodars tranquility met the players who were not accompanied by the maddening rush that usually greets them at cricket stadiums. A poignant moment was evident when the Indian and English squads left their hotel and the people flocked to mob the celebrities to say goodbye. The local people were rejoicing in the merriment that had surfaced in the town because of the one-day international match that was scheduled at Dharmshala. The players also soaked in the incredible beauty of the surreal surroundings that formed a post card background to the stadium and expressed their desire to return for another match at another...
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Jab Tak Hai Jaan the Diwali bonanza

Translated in English the title of this film released on Diwali 2012 means as long as there is life abbreviates to JTHJ. An Indian romance which became the swan song for famous director Yash Chopra was written and produced by Aditya Chopra under their own production banner Yash Raj Films. The film features Shahrukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma in lead roles for the first time together. It was Yash Chopra’s fourth film featuring Shahrukh Khan in the lead role before his sad and untimely demise on 21 October 2012. A.R. Rahman accounted for the background score and soundtrack who teamed up with Yash Chopra for the first time while the lyrics were by the effervescent Gulzar.  The soundtrack featured nine tracks among which the title poem was written by Aditya Chopra. The audio was released on YRF Music. It received positive critical reception upon release. Jab Tak Hai Jaan received warm reviews in India but was declared a blockbuster overseas. Shah Rukh was at his very best in the film as the nuances of his acting served the purpose well but the film did not mix well and was not at par with other Yash Chopra films. The film was mainly good in patches with its brilliance of photography leaving its taste lingering in the minds of the audience. Shah Rukh was the best part of the film with his poignant eyes delivering the goods. However his challenging death does not go down well as it only creates an aura of unbelief. Sharma for her part has energized it with her bubbly appearance and trendy dresses. Kaif looks immaculately gorgeous and adds the glamour to the picturesque backgrounds. However she seems mute and is unable to express to the fullest to leave a void behind her. Shahrukh Khan as Samar Anand, Katrina Kaif as Meera Thappar,  Anushka Sharma as Akira Rai,     Anupam Kher as Meera’s father and Neetu Singh as Pooja were the main casts in JTHJ. The film goes on to conjure attention right from the beginning. The drama only soars higher as the composite love story gets more enthralling bringing to the fore the characters torn yet bound by emotion. It has become one of the most watched movies of the year and has shone on the list of the toppers. Romance that lingers is what sets JTHJ apart and is what remains with you wanting you to make it a part of your lives. Sponsors: At Amo Spa you don’t need an excuse to have multiple Therapists performing treatments whilst you relax comfortably in our recliner chairs, soaking in the ambience of soft lighting and smooth tunes. Establishing itself as a premier venue for quality, leading spa Bali Seminyak offers a complete menu of high quality spa experiences..Massages, Facials, Hair & Make Up, Waxing, Scrubs and more. Committed to helping you look your best whilst you’re on the island, we invite you to the best spa in Bali Seminyak. At Hu’u Villas, all of our guests are special to us, and none more so than our honeymooning visitors. A honeymoon at Hu’u Villas is packed full of loving care and attention and little extras to really make your trip special. Experience the best visit walking distance to the beach, your sanctuary at the centre of it all. 10 exclusive villas with private swimming pool, garden and plush-out interior and exterior that offer a perfect balance between a casual relaxing stay or an all out party weekend. Sea Vu Play is staffed by a crew with a philosophy of fun and their aim is to share that outlook on life with you during your...
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