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Do you eat to live or live to eat?

Isn’t it a vital impulse among us to seize anything out of usual? It is undeniably what most of us go all-out to do in order to sever the monotonous cadence of our arduous daily itinerary. Whether we adore food or not is beyond doubt revealed through our stance towards life. An energetic and spirited personality is always one who lives to eat. Food is an integral part of all our lives but it is a rare breed that lives to deliciously extract the thread that fabricates each of their favorite dishes on the menu. Life gradually becomes a drag for most of us as we merely eat to live. It immediately follows that when we come across a single instance of devouring richly made lip smacking recipes we overdo it hence inviting trouble for our health. Eating is one of the most pleasurable opportunities in life along with sex and luxury. Instead of just polishing off our plates if we can relish each morsel of food then it multiples our energy and leaves us satiated. The total evolution of the concept of living to eat is a mere drop in our lifestyle. As we are all aware that a drop of blue ink turns an entire container of colorless water bluish. So this small enjoyment trickles into each and every corner of our being. This percolation is very slowly transmitted but ends up in showcasing its glow within ourselves. When a rose blossoms its fragrance spreads out to each and every corner. Similarly when we start enjoying each facet of life through its innumerable small happenings we begin to live it to the fullest. The hurdles on the way do not seem that much hard to pass through and the ordinary puffed bread or steamed rice seems tastier. Eating to live is an ancient concept and let it stand alone on its pedestal. Life is extremely enjoyable depending upon our attitude towards it and eating spices it up in its own way. It is just akin to sex or a luxurious chair that renders a sensation of enjoyment which can become ecstatic when it reaches...
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Aging is inevitable

“But the age apace comes at last to all” – the golden statements remain as the eternal truth in human lives. Aging is an inevitable; Problems and hair loss, baldness, loss of skin tone, rough skin texture obviously starts showing their dominance after a certain age. People desperately attempt to keep such aging problems away but Alas! One can hardly win in the battle against the nature. The ever green minds may be an attractive buzzword, but there is hardly any way to combat the aging problems. It is indeed true that the problems like hair loss depend upon a lot of correlated factors. People with proper and systematic life styles can defer the aging problems to show their tantrums, but can never avoid it completely. It is better to accept the reality. Several spectacular advertisements in print media or sparkling advertisements on the web tend to allure people of different ages. Even the faces of some physicians are noticed to be published along with some advertisements. The mail boxes receive a lot of spam mails containing the attractive punch lines to fight against the aging problems. Various sex enhancer pills are sold through such advertisements and emails. Their valiant efforts do not go in vain as many people buy them and apply notwithstanding the true impact. The names like Vigra or Cialis are often heard. It is hardly observed that people are consulting the authentic medical practitioners before using such medicines. The popularity of such medicines exhibits the attempts of people to show resilience to the natural phenomena of the mankind. Evergreen minds are certainly on demand but the term every-youth may raise acrimonious...
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Relax and live long

The paramount pressure of today’s world hardly leaves scope for relaxation. People have become more like machines, where they work constantly without any break. They tend to forget even the need of relaxation that can rejuvenate them for another hectic day, where serpentine schedule remains ready with warm greetings. This is ridiculous to advise that one should reduce his work and start relaxing. Again, it is indeed true that only work will certainly raise boredom and may seriously tell upon on your health and mind. We need to look for the right mix, whereby a professional should work and also relax simultaneously. The modern world has gifted us with many options of entertainment. There are plenty of websites that offer movies and songs. One can find adequate options to enjoy video on several topics of his interest. Whether it is a corporate presentation or a casino game, one can enjoy equally as per his taste. In fact, most of the people have been found to avoid clubs and other social places due to lack of time. Any club remains open for a preset time period and the members have to follow the schedule. If a professional works in the late hours, it becomes a difficult proposition for him to maintain such schedule. The entertainment world on the web has been proved to be much more flexible, whereby they are ready to cordially welcome you round the clock. Moreover, you can enjoy them even from your home comfort. The proportion of work and relaxation should be decided by the person depending upon his ability, caliber and nature. There are a lot of factors like the health condition, mental strength age, background and others, which should also be considered while determining the proportion. However, never allow monotony to spread its far reaching tentacles that may reduce your longevity in the long...
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Avoid Anxiety

The modern world gifts anxiety in every step of life and we need to learn to battle with such paramount pressure in ethical ways to avoid unnecessary anxiety. If we do not take adequate steps, we will fall in the trap of various diseases, which will become further disastrous. It is easy to advise to avoid anxiety, but in real life, it is really difficult to implement. People of today’s age often faces encounters even unnecessary anxiety. When you go to a market, you may be anxious to buy the desired commodities at right price. The students become highly anxious about their results. The house wives become anxious in maintaining their daily schedules as they have to work under very stringent time frames. The professional world has become hectic and competition has reached the threshold limit to gift anxiety at every moment. What is most important is to remain cool. Prioritize your jobs correctly so that you can start scheduling. If we can properly plan our activities, we are safe. When we are ready with the right plan, we need to schedule. It can never happen that we will have 100% success even we plan and schedule properly. There remains flaws and we need to keep on improvising every day from the experience. Our hard earned experience will help us to plan and schedule even better in the upcoming days, where our target should remain the absolute perfection. It is a continuous process, whereby we all need to realize our faults and accordingly take rectification measures. Life is a long journey and improvisation is a...
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The leading drug rehab program

Sunset Malibu with its specially devised drug rehab program has been able to herald a new dawn in the lives of drug addicts and their unfortunate families. The bountiful of emerging drug rehab centers often confuse the drug addicts about the authenticity. When come to the drug rehab center like Sunset Malibu, their portfolio speaks about their authenticity. It is a millionaire or a CEO or just a teen age drug addict, the unique drug rehab programs of Sunset Malibu have helped everybody irrespective of their status. Improved Health, Success in Relationships and A feeling of Self Worth that are guaranteed in the fully custom drug rehab program of Sunset Malibu. The way, Sunset Malibu offers solutions for substance abuses, it also offers Treatment of co-occurring conditions and Intervention services. Even a pain killer addict can be immensely benefited from the scientific drug rehab program of Sunset Malibu. Driven by the philosophy of permanent drug sobriety, Sunset Malibu mixes the right kind of physical and psychic treatment in all its programs. Sunset Malibu believes in a luxurious arrangement that helps the drug addicts to regain their confidence in drug rehab center itself. You can also avail the drug consultation services of Sunset Malibu. When you are hesitant about the right rehab process, you can seek assistance of experienced drug therapists of Sunset Malibu, the leading drug rehab...
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