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Make your bonsai lively and happy

Your care for your bonsai reflects upon it as it is a special plant that is in the process of acquiring a miniature format resembling grown trees in nature. Your concern shows through the thriving branches of the beautiful bonsai and differentiates it from a sad, uncared for dying tree. Taking care of a bonsai is similar to any other houseplant. Sufficient water, food in the form of manure and a correctly chosen environment all play key roles in bonsai care and maintenance. They enhance its attractiveness. Most bonsais are for outdoors but some may flourish in the warmth your home. It may be placed on the window sill, near your study table or in your drawing room. Terrace is the best place for all sorts of bonsais and if you have a garden then there is no better place. Money plants of all sorts usually have no problem adapting to your rooms but other plants need more sunlight and free air to grow. Your verandah and porticoes may be decorated ideally with small bonsai plants. It is a wise decision to grow a bonsai as it simply adds onto your energy level to watch it gradually take shape under your guidance. Bonsai is gardening plus flair of exercising your artistic touches for creation so look forward to it. Tropical varieties of plants require more consistent warmth of sun but most bonsais want the morning sun and afternoon shade. A shaded terrace is hence the best place for growing all sorts of potted plants. The difference between any other garden plant and a bonsai is that it is trained to mature in a confined space thus limiting its development. It’s entirely nurtured under strict supervision of the breeder. Even the shape of its branches is controlled by wiring so as to attain the imagined shape and style. It takes time and devotion to comprehend what different plants prefers to keep healthy. Certain evergreens do fine with daylong sun and can be simply cared for less. However all bonsais like other plants need to be watered, not over or under. Adding more water kills it while leaving it dry makes its mud crack and causes permanent damage to it. Quench your bonsai’s thirst gently with a sprinkler or placing it in a container of water so that the soil and about an inch of the trunk are under water, also suffices. The later can be afforded only if the root is wired and a proper mesh covers the drainage holes so that it does not lose any of its precious soil. The two most important points that one can never lose count of while handling bonsais is that they must be regularly pruned to have a lateral growth. The other is that they require specially nourished soil that must be replenished at regular intervals for depletion of limited resources effect the health of your bonsai. Re-potting is also a very important part usually carried out annually for some and once in four to five years for older...
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Annual function at school: a kid’s outlook

Every student of the school awaits the calendar year to end as it is at the fag end of every year that extra-curricular activity takes precedence over the academic schedule. The year brings up the cluster of celebrations for us in our school. It is the only time we can loiter around school corridors at all times as we pass from one room to the other to cover scheduled practice sessions, finishing off models for school exhibition and sports practice. Never is the entire school so bursting with activity that is accompanied by a high decibel of announcements being made by all our teachers and the headmistress calling out for the required student or group to a particular job that needs immediate attention. Our classes are relaxed for these two hours for almost a fortnight preceding our winter recess to help finis preparations for the weekly year end annual celebrations at school. The auditorium bustles with activity as groups of students can be seen rehearsing their lines, singing out their songs, acting their parts, dancing their hearts out or simply getting accustomed to the bright lights on the stage. It is this time of the year that brings out the other halves in each of us and the spirit of delivering it to the audience majority of whom are our loving parents goes to our respected teachers. The show commences on the field of sports where we compete with zest and bring forth our endurance for all to rejoice. The annual exhibition begins on the school premises along with the dance, drama, debate, quiz, singing scheduled for the evening slots in the grand auditorium. On all the days of the annual function a sumptuous buffet awaits us at the school cafeteria that serves up delicacies which we all relish. The gardens come alive with lights and rides that the school arranges especially for this occasion. In all it is a very pleasurable time that we the students of our school, our beloved teachers and our affectionate parents treasure each time...
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Effects of a rain induced break

It often happens that rains relieve us from our daily schedules to provide a good break that is mostly forced upon us. In the aftermath of intense heat during summer it mitigates us from its incessant grip. Rainfall often intersperses with winter to make more bitter and wet. It is the suddenness of rain in non-rainy season that is found to be a welcome change for all. A sudden shower often brings monotonous lifestyles to grind to a halt. The liveliness in nature accompanied with the fresh scent of mud having quenched its thirst after awhile is extremely enjoyable and fulfilling. On one such rainy day, I could hear the rain battering against the window panes when I had suddenly woken up in the middle of the night. It was light enough as a result of which I began to take an account of what I would miss if it was a deluge and an enforced holiday. The treat my friend was supposed to have given the following day at school would have been cancelled along with two of the class tests in English Grammar and Geography. Despite these the thought of a mid week surprise break had brought a smile to my lips. I had simply turned over deciding to enjoy and had gone right back to sleep. I had woken among more rain and dark grey clouds that were hardly visible beyond the screen of falling water that was pouring incessantly. My father decided to take a break too as he was not feeling well enough due to a bout of cold and cough since the last few days. We had told my mother to bring in freshly made fried onion pakoras and hot coffee that she had obliged to with pleasure. Then each of us had set off to complete our daily scheduled chores so that we could have a blast for the remaining of the day that had been gifted to us by nature. We all watched a famous Bengali movie in the afternoon that had left us all satiated. We followed it up with a round of jokes, chatting and relaxation that bound us together as a family. It is indeed these small moments that went a long way to reiterating our belief in the family bonding that takes us through life’s...
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Working on bonsai planted in its pot

Once the bonsai is in the pot that is your plant has fruitfully accepted its acquaintance it will flourish. Only such healthy and growing plants must be styled. At every point of transition of a newly planted bonsai tree it is essential to focus on primarily keeping the tree alive. Watering is the key to reassure that the new plant growth is unabated. Bonsai translates into duplicating the natural tree forms found in nature in its diminutive form. It originated in Japan and China where it has been widely practiced for centuries. Bonsai that are developed in special pots totally depend on your care. Appropriate attention when granted to a bonsai makes it lively, adorable and minuscule for years together. The bonsai is a living minute tree that will augment in beauty as it gets older. Any placement of a bonsai should be done over several weeks allowing the plant to adapt to the change in surroundings. In hot summers during soaring temperatures it is advisable to keep the bonsai trees outside on a terrace or veranda. A garden is always an obvious choice but the decision varies for particular cases and the bonsai cultivator’s decision is always final. Ample sun in the morning and afternoon shade is recommended. A bonsai while being styled must be placed at eye level to guarantee a specific shape. As winters become intense bonsai trees should be ideally brought indoors and put up on any window sill facing southwards to avoid the stiff north wind that only causes harm. If is not available the east or west direction will suffice. Still allow at least a couple of hours of sunlight should be provided for its unhampered growth. Never neglect the watering schedule of your bonsai as it is equivalent to killing it. Water it when the soil appears dry never allowing it to dry out as it as it may cause permanent damage. The requirement of any bonsai tree is reliant on the amount of sunlight received, pot size, type of soil and type of tree you own. With each passing day your observations will make out the specific schedule of watering that accommodates any type of tree. Gently water with a sprinkling can or pipe so as not to bother the soil. The perfect scene is that when it runs out of the draining holes at the bottom of your bonsai pot. A shower can only substitute your daily watering...
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Taking up bonsai as a hobby

The most important factor that threads through human life is the way time is utilized by us. Time slicing and multi-tasking are not only to be traits of the efficient server of a Local Area Network but also of every human being. Scheduling time in between chores is what grants us the peace of mind we seek. Energizing us are the chores that lie at the core of our hearts pulling at its string to get on with the ups and downs of daily life. Hobby for any person however busy or involved in critical services is an essential need which we most often bypass. It is this enjoyment that grants us the pleasure we seek. It is a hobby that may vary from cooking a recipe for friends or family or gardening that tends to absorb our negative or frustrations of our monotonous routines. They fill us up with a rejuvenating enthusiasm to continue to strive on in life. Bonsai is an art replicating nature through creation of miniature trees. It is a unique hobby and takes years to simply to get off the mark. Creating a bonsai is the joy that one earns after at least 2-5 years of learning the ropes of this traditional and ancient art. Do not attempt to buy a bonsai from a nursery or shop. It will then deprive you the way to handle this absorbing hobby. Bonsai is not about being the pride owner of a few or many bonsai plants that have been cultured by someone else. It is slightly different from reaping the benefits of what money can buy. Enjoyment of caring for new plants and then slowly watching them grow to especially replicate miniature samples in nature by recreating them is definitely at the core of this hobby. Reading material on learning the necessary steps involved to making a bonsai is by fashioning the first one. Without the unnecessary baggage of going for expenses simply start off with whatever pot, moss, and soil along with a wild plant that one can keep alive easily. Let it blossom under your care and maintain it like you would any other growing sapling. If there is no cost factor involved it will harm you less. A real bonsai will slowly evolve under your hands and take at least five years of development to enable you to be master of this art. Do not bother to buy such a bonsai as they would be costly. Junk bonsai like any two year old plant cutting put into a bonsai pot does not label as a bonsai. It is the care and training that you put in that creates one. Opting for a potted bonsai plant from a store at the super market or mall gives you no joy or chance to rejoice your accomplishment that nurturing one...
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