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Education system needs a jolt

The craze of higher studies may show only the tips of the iceberg, but the root has gone really deep. The increasing demand of education for varied purposes is the culminating effect of prevailing social and economic parameters of the contemporary world. If job market plays the pivotal role that has triggered off the demands of higher education, even the stigma of uneducated people in our society also plays an important role in spreading education. The career oriented professionals certainly envisage the needs of furthering their academic profiles for better job prospects. On the contrary, the mass education campaigning over the years have started yielding slowly but steadily. We want to brush aside the education system that attempts to annihilate the benchmark of examination system in the lower classes. We want to dream of a world where the education is not fragmented by the cherished concept of narrow domestic walls whereby the apparently backward communities fail to earn the passport for higher education. It is really difficult to toe to the real education concept, whereby the knowledge remains free from unwanted encumbrances, created by caste, creed or sex. A citizen of today’s world has to be educated to survive in this money driven business world, whereby a segment of people are always ready to exploit the illiterate people. Ground level education can be imparted through various camps and individuals or through the collective effort of the enthusiastic people, but higher education can hardly be transmitted to the bed level through such rigorous campaigns or prevailing practices. Whenever one is ready to ride the beautiful education vehicle, he needs sustainable support from the society, family and financial institutes. Even if we keep aside the issue regarding getting educated abroad, even the domestic Engineering or Management degrees cost them dearly. Does not the slogan of mass education sound as a...
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My father: a ceaseless inspiration

Ever since I was a toddler I can recall my father in his track suit pants and blue shirt ready for his daily round of sprinting despite the hurdles of rain, fog or chill. Morning walks have always been an integral part of his life as his coffee cups and daily column of politics. An avid sports lover he can recollect cricket scores and outcome of football matches of yore in a jiffy. My father binds discipline to the strings of his heart and nothing lets him default from incessantly following the rules he has set forth in life. I am scared of him only when I do something that hinders my study time and wake up late in the mornings. He has instilled in us a formula of striving out perpetually that knits success in to our very fabric. He has taught me that a person’s behavior must at all times be humble, sober and polite. The attitude of any human being is the most enduring manifestation of their education is my father’s key belief. He preaches that I should never ever neglect my studies and unfailingly learn from the advices that my elders, superiors, teachers and other well wishers shower upon me towards shaping up as an accomplished individual. A very jovial person by nature who enjoys each of life’s meanderings however tough they may be he is also a total work alcoholic. I still recollect his sweet lullabies that made me fall asleep while I was a kid after he returned from work sometimes still in his working attire. He shared with me moments of his childhood panorama that gravely hurt him and has promised me to share every thought, whim and ecstasy with him and my mother. He has blossomed in me the need of belonging to a family for the unstinting support, it provides. Through the years of my childhood I have found him to be a man of his words. He is never tired and it is just a few days in my life that I have found him lying idle in bed or laying around. I am yet to grasp his concept of rest comes with death for me it is even a strain to imagine a life without this solid roof above my head which my father functions as, being only one among his multifaceted...
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Unity among diversity in India

India is a unique country which brings to the fore a vivid panorama of religions, castes, creeds and languages. It is practically impossible to be able to spot another nation that has such a spectrum of intermingling bands in a lot of spheres. The celebration of festivals is wherein the joy of sprouting the traditional cultures and customs lies. It is at any time of the year that we can find several festivals being bunched together though of different communities and faiths. Thus India always presents an overabundance of gala ethnicity through their dishes, delicacies, dialects, dresses, food habits and appearances. A country that bears so many off shoots had been united under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi to tread a path to gain their independence from the cruel and vindictive British regime. The same country, India, rose in unison to build up its own defenses to fight against neighbors China and Pakistan just a few years into independence. The Indian National Congress was a party that had comprised people of all creeds ever since its inception. It had played a major role in the freedom struggle and immediately set up the machinery to make India stand on its own feet after the British left. Today we a country that has spread its wings far and wide in all sectors of advancement and still retain our secular nature that binds us countrymen as Indians. It is very important that this kind of democracy that exists in India spreads its wings into different parts of the world as it celebrates the essence of being individualistic while sharing a national identity. The essence of being an India lies in the core of our hearts. There is no color, section or breed that defines us other than being pride in carrying on our tricolor forward along the rhythm of Jana Gana Mana reverberating through our souls. Apply online for Your India Visa and get It Safe, Quick, Easy and...
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Wear clean and sparkling gold ornaments

A beautiful gold jewelry is meant to add to your beauty. Gold the ultimate dream of any woman or man in jewelry since time immemorial but it also acquires dirt from the surroundings and turns dull. What could look worse than the jewelry that one wears for enhancement becomes the cause for embarrassment in public? It would then seem that one has worn bangles, rings, necklaces, earnings or pendants not of gold but some cheap duplicate. Keeping gold from tarnishing is not possible so the only alternative is to get it clean and glittering ready to sparkle like it should. To clean gold rings, bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry which have no gemstones attached get a dish, few drops of liquid dish detergent and a bowl of warm water and of course be ready with the jewelry ready at hand. Gently pour out the liquid dish detergent into the warm water, just a few drops of it will suffice. Soak all the gold jewelry taking one after from the dish in it for not more than 15 minutes. Extract jewelry onto the dish after cleansing each with a soft toothbrush that does not cause scratching on its surface so as to remove the grime. Thoroughly rinse each in lukewarm running water before drying them with a soft cotton cloth. Ammonia though a very effective medium for cleaning gold however it damages gold and hence not an advisable choice. Use a six to one part ammonia water mixture to soak the gold jewelry for not more than a minute before retrieving it with a strainer. The jewelry must be rinsed in running water before being patted dry and rubbed with a polishing cloth. Caution for those who wish to get their gemstones studded jewelry free from dirt and carbonation. Gemstones glued to set in gold cannot be kept underwater. Wipe the gold surrounding the gemstone with a cloth dipped in liquid dish detergent to clean them. Moisture should not be allowed to seep in to the gemstone setting as it will weaken the limbs that hold the stone in place. Toothpaste efficiently cleanses grime when applied to a cloth and rubbed upon any gold item without gemstones. Rinse each piece in clean water before putting them back on. For immediately clearing off oil or grease stained gold jewelry it becomes imperative to boil them in water till sticky dirt starts floating on top having left the surface of the jewelry.  Gold jewelry must be stored and worn in a way that they do not acquire scratch marks on the surface. Cloth bags are ideal for storage. Never hesitate to approach the gold smith for cleaning ornaments that have delicate work on them and even for ornaments that you wear...
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Bonsai art of repotting in spring

Any potted plant outgrows its container needing to be placed in a larger one. A plant readied for treading the miniaturization route to be styled into a bonsai tree is re-potted in a smaller container to keep the roots confined. Slowly the roots of the potted plant will form a circular ball around the perimeter of the pot. This is the correct time to trim the roots and re-pot it provided the season is moderate. When re-potting the plant air pockets must be removed by taking off the soil present on the roots. Not more than a third of the root system must be taken off taking care that the main root remains intact as much as possible.  Water it well and remember to keep it away from the sun for around a fortnight. You need to re-pot and prune the roots of your bonsai tree once every 12 months. Hence get proactive and get it done as winter begins to fade into spring as this is the best of all times. On watchful observation you will find that the bonsai has roots protruding out of the out of its drainage holes. That is the best signal for root pruning for younger and older bonsai trees. It is also true that older bonsai require it once in about 4.5 to 5 years only. Pruning of the roots let your bonsai to build up finer feeder roots to absorb nutrients from the soil more efficiently. Smoothly remove the bonsai from its pot. Use a pencil or stick to slowly and cautiously take stock of the roots. This is the first step towards getting them straightened out as much as possible. Free them of the soil to the best of your ability. Begin root trimming by clearing off the thicker roots leaving out the finer ones. The objective of this exercise is to fashion breathing space for the roots and the wall of the pot. If you are using the same pot please cleanse its walls thoroughly before re-potting. Finish the entire exercise as soon as possible for the benefit of the bonsai tree. The newly root pruned bonsai tree is returned to a pot upon some fresh soil. Work the fresh soil in the space among the roots to fill out gaps. Wiring the roots is a possibility depending upon the age, health and structure of the plant. It is the ultimate weapon to grant your bonsai tree your premeditated shape. Fill out all of the pot with soil so as to secure the bonsai to it. Water the newly setup bonsai and place it in shade allowing it two weeks to heal. Let the soil absorb the water before watering it again and avoid keeping it in direct sunlight. Notice how slowly water disappears telling you that the roots are healing and it will be a while before your bonsai plant is back to...
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