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Change is the truth – everything changes to something new and strange

It seems a pleasure to watch the seasons alter undulating gradually from the frosty cold winters to the sultry swelter of summers. The bright azure blue sky of autumn with its fluffy clouds belies the soggy and damp monsoons brooding with dark, grey and heavy rain filled clouds. Change creeps in unnoticed into the world that envelopes us only ruled by the revolving hands of a clock. All of a sudden a child changes in body and mind to stand on the threshold of teenage. Puberty leaves its mark in molding the body and shaping the mind to learn the ropes of a challenging and varied juncture in life. The adolescent blues, its uncertainties and mood swings subtly begin to show like the dew drops left upon the leaves on a chilly morning. The garden suddenly bursts into roses in every hue as one stands at the verandah overlooking it to realize with a start that another winter has stepped in. Change leaves its imprint on us as peeping into the mirror to reveals a grey hair veiled within the folds of one’s hair upon the head. It then suddenly springs to mind that it was just the other day, a step backwards, a moment in time when having borne an infant it felt as if life had changed forever. Carrying the cute bundle of joy homewards accompanied by the loved ones, no one can but spare a thought at their growth and the world around them. Some defining moments call for envisioning a future while soaking themselves in the lingering moments etched upon the mind either with pleasure or deep sorrow. Many a traumatic experience leaves us gasping while instances of great elation like graduating or marriage invokes deep introspection mingled with bubbling expectations. Life blossoms like the myriad colors on a delightful spring morning but is well lived only by those who work hard to invest on their present. The past and future are like lumps of clay that can be cast into utensils, images or used to grow plants when nourished with fertilizers. It depends upon the toil and determination to carry out mere wishes on the tarmac of the present. Time is usually celebrated when new years approach or right on the brink of birthdays and anniversaries and definitely during a special occasion but seconds pass us by remaining the silent witness throughout the span of life. To a student commencing a year, school seems like taking the same train at the same time while being seated upon a different class. When a bolt of lightning sparkles upon the sky spreading out like the roots of a growing herb in soft mud one dwells upon the question as to where had all the time gone. It is at these very rare flashes that equations begin to arise from the depth of our heart forcing us to perceive the changes from within and around. However it the true bliss of nature that these analyzing patches are followed by trials and tribulations of our daily chores. Loneliness is evaded with thoughts keeping company like the subdued stepping of each dawn and dusk that are omnipresent. Why then is change so hard? Most of leisure is in anticipation of change. Change is always forbidding and complicated. It can be best visualized through changing seasons. Nothing stays the same with time bringing each thing to its...
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Traveling leads to self discovery

Traveling is pleasure combined with a sure shot way to learn about how one fares at handling situations which suddenly stare at our face. Traveling or visiting unknown destinations is an imperative part of our education. This is the only sure shot way to accept any fact as true by absorbing it with our senses wholeheartedly. It is through traveling alone that one can fill the void left by our modular pattern of education. The world has become a very small place with the unbelievable advancement made by means of transportation systems and telecommunication. We are spoil for choice as far as different modes of travel are concerned. Availability, comfort and furious speed have completely altered the traveling scenario in the recent age. The supersonic jets sailing above the clouds were out of the imagination for most people of the world even about a century ago apart from a few visionaries and scientists who dreams about it then. Panipat, Nalanda, Konark, Kurukshetra or Kanya Kumari are places in India which are historically significant luring the contemporary and candid visitor to seek them out in reality by personally visiting them. Traveling is a passion for some while a compulsory bitter pill to swallow for others and still better off are those who recreate themselves through vacations spent with family, relatives and friends. Sightseeing renders a unique opportunity for individuals to smell and taste the plethora of cultures, traditions, languages, culinary delights, languages and ways of living of the people inhabiting the world. Each monument or structure and its intricacies visible to the naked eye are forever etched in the visitor’s memory. The toil, determination, money and drama that lies beyond each can also be glimpsed upon by mind’s eye only when one stands amidst the concerned surroundings feeling its vibe. Traveling if affordable must be a exercised as a permanent way for spending holidays and leisure even if for a very short stint. It opens our mind rejuvenating it aiding to flush our gloom and disappointments that surmount within us as a part and parcel of leading a monotonous and rigorous work schedule. It is an adventure leading to self discovery as we can be astute about molding ourselves only amidst the calm and serene ambiance of any unknown spot to evolve as better humans. A visit to a place imparts practical knowledge of important places, persons, things and the nature of people. The recollections of the past certainly flash over one’s mind as one visit some historical monuments. Besides this by visiting places, the vision of an individual becomes enlarged just as by sitting at a small place makes one’s vision narrow. The business people are made aware of the natural products of different countries by traveling. The intellectual outlook of students is heightened by traveling. We derive the benefit of getting ourselves acquainted with the characteristics of foreign people. The world outside becomes clearer than what it would have been under other circumstances by traveling. The superimposition of traveling remains on the fact that too is better than books. In different countries we come across people of different tastes, fashions, caste, creed, and color. Once we know their ways of living it arouses a sense of brotherhood in us for them. By traveling we avail of the scope of making a change of thing. By Visiting Mountain and forest area we enjoy the wild beauty of nature. Those who lead their life in a populated city get free air and enjoy beauty by traveling. By visiting places of natural beauty our thought process is transported to a new region. We are capable of moving round the globe within...
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Travel Rongey in east Sikkim and Discover yourself in serenity

Rongey in east Sikkim, has become the heartthrob for the travelers, who look forward to spend a couple of days in the lavishness of serenity. Bengal Tour club, the pioneering travel agent of kolkata has added Rongey in their Sikkim tours. Today, you get a chance to enjoy the delightful notion of hills and mountains at Rongey. If the green capped hills allure you, the Rongey travel of Bengal Tour Club will allow you to stay even in Hotel Chalet Orchid, nestled in a forest reserve for a perfect enjoyment. As usual, Bengal Tour Club has arranged everything that you might need to plunge into the extravaganza. The mouth watering quality dishes play pivotal roles. The boarders enjoy a cordial but effective service. The travelers may be amazed to know that well furnished floors and gorgeous rooms of the Hotel Chalet Orchid are ready to enhance your experience. Since ancient times, people have been traveling various parts of Sikkim to enjoy the serene place and the hills that mostly look fresh with dew drops and blossoming flowers. While most of the favorite tourist spots of Sikkim have been fully explored, you get a chance to expedite at Rongey, a comparatively newer travel point. Bengal Tour Club will remain with you through out to make Rongey travel an unforgettable journey. While addressing the demands of their discerning customers, Bengal Tour Club has empowered you with the golden opportunity to stay in such an wonderful ambiance at an unexpected price of Rs.1,000 only. Students can enjoy even further discount. Why don’t you contact Bengal Tour Club today to make your Rongey travel...
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Dol Utsav: The inspiring festival

There can be hardly any better way to welcome the most wanted spring than celebrating Dol Utsav. Whether you throw Abir or stain the faces of others by ridiculous color, Dol Utsav remains enjoyable for people across the countries of India. Perhaps it becomes more interesting in West Bengal, where each one gets involved in the holistic festival irrespective of caste, creed and sex. Dol Utsav in a village becomes more inspiring to the city dwellers, who want to get relieve of the strangulating city life for a couple of days. With due diligence to the sentiments of the people, Bengal Tour Club has heralded a new dimension by organizing the Dol Utsav 2011 in a remote village called Nasibpur. The village is in Hooghly District, West Bengal and yet not a far cry from the city of Kolkata. People not only will be enjoying the Dol Utsav, but they will be also living in tents, which comes as an extra bonus for the travelers. Bengal Tour Club has shown traits in tours and travel segment that have made them credible. People have admired their tours that boast of multitude of excitement, thrills and relaxations. Whether it is a family travel of an education travel, Bengal Tour Club keeps enough provision for recreation and relaxation. When you travel after a prolonged hectic schedule, you should feel comfortable and Bengal Tour Club always makes the tours spacious so that you get ample opportunity to rejuvenate. While announcing the Dol Utsav 2011, Bengal Tour Club has also focused on endless recreation and relaxation. You are taken to the spot of Nasibpur in the evening and you are only to watch the Neda Poda. Relax in the rest of the evening before looking for a distinctive tent living. The twittering of birds will sound like Jingle Bells in the morning and there are plenty of birds to wish you good morning. The main dol Utsav is an event where everybody can really enjoy. You are allowed to relax for the rest of the day, upon the mattress that will be laid out on the grass. You will be back to the City on the following morning. No hectic schedule will be waiting for you. The Dol Utsav 2011 is full of enjoyment and relaxation – courtesy Bengal Tour...
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Trip to Pelling with Bengal Tour Club

Pelling, a picturesque town at 2,000 meter above the sea level always magnetizes maddening rush from all parts of India and even abroad. When most of the hill stations like Darjeeling or Gangtok have been crowded by tourists and business houses, Pelling can be your abode of peace with its unending scenic beauty. Bengal Tour Club, the leading travel agent, with its exuberance had discovered the beautiful city under the lap of Himalayas and have been continuously conducting Pelling tours for long. It is not only the majestic mountain, Naresh Jain, the chief of Bengal Tour Club also recommends the tourists to visit the exciting Alpine forests. Spending a couple of days at Pelling means to remain very close with the nature. When you are at this zone of Sikkim, your days boast with bountiful of waterfalls and swirling cloud, which never happens in your city life. The Khecipuri Lake and the Singhshore bridge also feature in the Pelling travel of Bengal Tour Club Bengal Tour Club always wants you to fully enjoy your leisure. They organize even picnic in a nice point, where you can optimize your relaxation. None of the travel plan of Bengal Tour Club becomes hectic as you get enough time to cherish the beauty of nature. The pelling travel of Bengal Tour Club is the right mix of driving, traveling, rafting with a flair of relaxation. Why not to discover your inner potential under the lap of majestic mountains at Pelling with Bengal Tour...
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