Dreaded Professionalism

World is changing fast, so its constituents. Whether it is the IPL Cricket tournament or the corporate world, the influence of burgeoning economics and intense competition has become vivid. Even the apparently calm people of the so called third world have also joined the rat race, where the asking rate is really steep.

Professionalism has intruded even into the private lives, whereby even the relationships fail to isolate them from the wrath of professionalism. Perhaps the balance sheet of the relation is coming up as the key determining factor. The stories and poems of love and languishment have taken the back seat. The youngsters are found to be inspired more by the glittering advertisements than the morale touches of friendships or relationships. People belonging to the same school of thoughts hardly allow any other thoughts to dominate their minds. As a result, utter professionalism lead to even most undesired bloodshed, at times.

The glimpses of the lucrative career world or costly consumer products certainly allure the people. Historically, people have been showing desperation for a better livelihood. Even jealousy has been found to prevail in several instances. The problem is that when the life is measured completely in terms of some numeric figures and graphics, the life is bound to lose its spontaneous momentum. Today’s generation is often found to fail to succumb to the pressure of losses and the instances of several mental diseases, suicides, homicide have drastically increased.

Many social organizations and psycho analysts have been constantly cautioning the people of this earth, but unfortunately all in vain. The counter arguments are ready at hands and they can hardly be ignored.

The way, the peg of Whiskey loses its normal odor without the right mix of ice cubes; even the most successful professional life may sound tragic without the meticulous presence of sentiments and emotions.

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