Education system and society

The irreparable loss in moral values of the common people may sound stunning to a segment of the society, but the social scientists consider it as a natural phenomenon. When most of the money is spent frivolously in the name of Advertising and marketing, it is really difficult to maintain a high level of morale. Though people belonging to the same school of thoughts have attempted to raise their voices, but such feeble voices fail to stir the money woven business world, for whom, the world has become a money spinning platform.

Education not only literates us, but also enlightens us. There is no reason of considering this marketing world as the brain child of most illiterate people.

Instead, the top qualified professionals with high level of salaries and perks work day and night to discover newer concepts of advertising and marketing that may strike the minds of thousands of target audiences, which is a real difficult proposition.

When the fertile brains of such an educated world club together, they are bound to produce yields. The moral or social values often miss out the charioteer’s seat as the thriving need and want always dominate such masterminds. It’s really good that Rabindranath Tagore, the noble laureate, who had tried to dream of a freedom in the domain of Education and Knowledge, is no more. Even thousands of online education institutes or Universities or foreign affiliations have failed to offer a real free and fair education. The society realizes the power of such dreaded decay, but can hardly stop such destruction. Only the aggressive endeavors of the dignified educated society with conscious mind frame can save the land from such inevitable disaster, which is ascertained as slow but steady.

A true education system should be able to instill various intangible values in the human beings that empower them with the opportunity of clearly distinguishing them from the beasts and other living animals.

Unfortunately, the core concept of education has been hit so blatantly that the day is not far off, when people will hesitate to talk about their academics. When a student becomes willing to toe the line of books and syllabus, he can score magnificent marks. Why should he waste his precious human resources and invaluable time in studying social or cultural history that only enriches his knowledge level without bringing tangible yields?

Such glittering scorecards can certainly enable him with the opportunity of a lucrative career graphics and lavish lifestyle, but it hardly benefits the society at large. In fact, such career oriented highly educated people are often found to shelve them within the narrow domestic walls, where the ordinary society often encounters a No Entry Board. The carefully inculcated walls often stand as the mark of distinction from the civic society, as if they are the emperors of the small world and they can define the rules. Whether it is the political parties or even some portions of the administration are often blessed with their gifts or grants. The alleged relation comes into the fore, only when some gross irregularity takes place, else all stakeholders remain happy in such multidimensional mutually beneficial relationships through the ever cherished concept of share and acknowledge.

Does the core concept of education support such distinguished lifestyle, whereby one segment enjoys the liberty of squandering money of millions of citizens?

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