Dol Utsav: The inspiring festival

There can be hardly any better way to welcome the most wanted spring than celebrating Dol Utsav. Whether you throw Abir or stain the faces of others by ridiculous color, Dol Utsav remains enjoyable for people across the countries of India. Perhaps it becomes more interesting in West Bengal, where each one gets involved in the holistic festival irrespective of caste, creed and sex.

Dol Utsav in a village becomes more inspiring to the city dwellers, who want to get relieve of the strangulating city life for a couple of days.

With due diligence to the sentiments of the people, Bengal Tour Club has heralded a new dimension by organizing the Dol Utsav 2011 in a remote village called Nasibpur.

The village is in Hooghly District, West Bengal and yet not a far cry from the city of Kolkata. People not only will be enjoying the Dol Utsav, but they will be also living in tents, which comes as an extra bonus for the travelers.

Bengal Tour Club has shown traits in tours and travel segment that have made them credible. People have admired their tours that boast of multitude of excitement, thrills and relaxations. Whether it is a family travel of an education travel, Bengal Tour Club keeps enough provision for recreation and relaxation. When you travel after a prolonged hectic schedule, you should feel comfortable and Bengal Tour Club always makes the tours spacious so that you get ample opportunity to rejuvenate.

While announcing the Dol Utsav 2011, Bengal Tour Club has also focused on endless recreation and relaxation. You are taken to the spot of Nasibpur in the evening and you are only to watch the Neda Poda. Relax in the rest of the evening before looking for a distinctive tent living. The twittering of birds will sound like Jingle Bells in the morning and there are plenty of birds to wish you good morning. The main dol Utsav is an event where everybody can really enjoy.

You are allowed to relax for the rest of the day, upon the mattress that will be laid out on the grass. You will be back to the City on the following morning.

No hectic schedule will be waiting for you. The Dol Utsav 2011 is full of enjoyment and relaxation – courtesy Bengal Tour Club.

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