Travel Rongey in east Sikkim and Discover yourself in serenity

Rongey in east Sikkim, has become the heartthrob for the travelers, who look forward to spend a couple of days in the lavishness of serenity. Bengal Tour club, the pioneering travel agent of kolkata has added Rongey in their Sikkim tours. Today, you get a chance to enjoy the delightful notion of hills and mountains at Rongey.

If the green capped hills allure you, the Rongey travel of Bengal Tour Club will allow you to stay even in Hotel Chalet Orchid, nestled in a forest reserve for a perfect enjoyment.

As usual, Bengal Tour Club has arranged everything that you might need to plunge into the extravaganza. The mouth watering quality dishes play pivotal roles. The boarders enjoy a cordial but effective service. The travelers may be amazed to know that well furnished floors and gorgeous rooms of the Hotel Chalet Orchid are ready to enhance your experience.

Since ancient times, people have been traveling various parts of Sikkim to enjoy the serene place and the hills that mostly look fresh with dew drops and blossoming flowers. While most of the favorite tourist spots of Sikkim have been fully explored, you get a chance to expedite at Rongey, a comparatively newer travel point. Bengal Tour Club will remain with you through out to make Rongey travel an unforgettable journey.

While addressing the demands of their discerning customers, Bengal Tour Club has empowered you with the golden opportunity to stay in such an wonderful ambiance at an unexpected price of Rs.1,000 only. Students can enjoy even further discount.

Why don’t you contact Bengal Tour Club today to make your Rongey travel memorable?

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